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 Nick Leahy

Chef Nick Leahy

Executive Chef/Owner, AIX + Tin Tin

Wednesday Evening Cocktail Hour

Nick Leahy is the executive chef and owner of AIX and Tin Tin, a restaurant and adjoining wine bar serving Provençal cuisine in Atlanta's Westside neighborhood. Born in Bermuda and raised in London and Atlanta, Nick spent summers at his family home in Aix-en-Provence where he formed some of his most lasting culinary memories. In France, Nick learned to celebrate ingredients and allow them to shine, while developing an appreciation for the Old World charm and elegance of Provence. Prior to opening AIX and Tin Tin, Nick served as the executive chef for acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant Daylesford Organic in London. After spending time working for Fifth Group and Concentrics in Atlanta, Nick founded Saltyard where he served globally inspired, ingredient driven small plates for five years. He currently serves on the board of the Atlanta chapter of Meals on Wheels and works with a number of local non-profits, including Slow Food, The Giving Kitchen and Atlanta Pet Rescue.

At AIX and Tin Tin, Nick celebrates the ingredients and the bright, simple flavors that define Provençal cuisine, guiding guests with the Provençal expression 'à ce moment' or 'in this moment' — a reflection on savoring the moments that connect us to a time, place and people through the simple pleasure of eating and drinking. In his free time, Nick enjoys spending time with his wife, daughters and dog, preferably outdoors.